According to scientists, the world is moving towards an environmental turmoil. The only way to save our planet is to go green on a full swing as quickly as possible. For this cause, economists have also been doing their parts. Green marketing is a relatively new phenomenon which has arisen as a result of increasing awareness that economic policies have a lot to do with our ecology. In other words, green marketing, which is also termed as environmental or sustainable marketing, is the effort made by any business organization, large or small to design and promote products that are eco-friendly.

The main idea behind green marketing has been re-marketing of products that are already manufactured, which adhere to certain environmental guidelines. There has been a huge hue and cry from various environmental organizations about the damage caused to the planet by large scale production industries, and the inappropriate disposal methods they use. Having looked into these accusations, the government has imposed different agreements and guidelines on production units. Some business organizations have used it to their advantage, by openly campaigning for the cause, hence gaining the support of customers. However, some critics claim that this is just an advertising stunt to promote business, and that no real steps have been taken towards the cause.

A green consumer is one who is aware of the background of the products he consumes, which he chooses upon careful investigation of their broad effects on the environment. This spirit is essential in customers, so that they do not blindly fall for a company’s advertisements, which will hinder the progress of the green movement. Hence it is only with the right attitude from both the consumers and the marketers, that “going green” can be achieved in the true sense. And when that happens, we can finally feel safe, and at home!

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